Who we are

MOVING is an association of European transport publishers and companies active in the field of driver’s license training. Since 2012 MOVING wants to make a further contribution for and with its members in favor of road safety. The main focus of its work is the promotion of education and accident prevention in the areas of road safety, traffic training and road safety education together with the associated professional driver’s license training as well as driver’s license testing in Europe and worldwide. MOVING is a member of CIECA/The International Commission for Driver Testing (Brussels), ETSC/European Transport Safety Council (Brussels) and the EU Road Safety Charter. The office is located in Berlin.

For more information about MOVING, please see our image brochure (as of 2018).


Our Presidium is composed as follows:

Jörg-Michael Satz, President Ina Giljohann, Vice President Peter Lehnert, Vice President
ACADEMY Holding AG Director of Springer Transport Media Schweiz GmbH Director of Springer Fachmedien München GmbH


Our office in Berlin:

Deimante Mercaityte Alexander Krey
mercaityte@moving-roadsafety.com krey@moving-roadsafety.com
Transport Policy Officer Transport Policy Officer
B.A. Political Science at the FU Berlin B.A. Economics at the HWR Berlin



Our goals:


MOVING’s ambition is to make its own significant contribution, with the help of its members‘ products and services, to significantly reducing the number of people killed and injured in road traffic each year, and to increasing road safety through

  • further professionalization of driving license training in all driving license classes,
  • further professionalization of driving instructor training,
  • promotion of traffic education in day care centers and schools.


MOVING Statutes (§ 2 Purpose)


„The purpose of the association is the promotion of education and accident prevention in the areas of traffic safety, traffic training and traffic education together with the associated training and examination system in Europe and worldwide.

The purpose of the statutes is realized in particular by disseminating expertise from science and research with the aim of further professionalizing traffic education and training, by initiating exchange between organizations, companies, associations, politics and administration, e.g. by holding topic-related congresses, and by supporting measures in the areas of traffic safety, traffic training and traffic education, for example by offering prizes for projects.“