Recommendations submitted


1 July 2014

Recommendations submitted to Ministry:

Industry calls for Reform of Professional Drivers Qualification Law


The ad hoc-AG BKF is a German working group on the Professional Drivers Qualification Law. Representatives from professional organisations have the possibility to meet with representatives from the federal and regional ministries and authorities as well as representatives from the regional chambers of commerce to discuss challenges and latest developments.



Representatives of the working group handed over the recommendations to Dorothee Bär, Parl. Staatssekretärin im BMVI
f.l. Frank Huster (DSLV), Antje Janßen (MOVING), Gerhard von Bressensdorf (BVF), Dorothee Bär (BMVI), Heike Lüben (ADAC), Jörg-Michael Satz (MOVING), Martina Ruprecht (BDFU), Ralf Vennefrohne (Springer Fachmedien München GmbH)


In 2013, participants formulated the recommendations, which now on 1st July 2014 have been submitted to the Federal Ministry of Transport:

  • Establishment of a central register (browser-based access with different roles), following the model of the Netherlands to establish transparency for all regarding certified trainers, to carry out an obligatory registration of each course date (including the information about the rooms) to allow effective controls and to manage the participants (and thus to make the issuing of certificates obsolete: „fake security“).
  • Granting uniform monitoring criteria and their implementation.
  • A nationwide uniformity in the criteria for certification of training centers should be ensured.
  • A nationwide uniformity in the controls of training centers should be ensured.
  • Regular training of lecturers/trainers referring to CPC law and CPC directive (BKrFQG; educationally and professionally according to the specification area)
  • List of criteria for trainers in the initial qualification and periodic training referring to CPC law and CPC directive (BKrFQG) which can serve as a basis for the recognition of trainers as well as be the basis and model for the recognition and development of specific training of trainers as well as entrance qualifications.
  • The use of lecturers/trainers with qualification in another area (“fachfremd”) should be allowed if these lecturers/trainers prove qualifications in one subject-specific as well as in one overall part.
  • Consideration of the introduction of a test after the training




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