Become a member

There are (at least) ten good reasons to become a member of MOVING.


  1. MOVING is a newly founded association representing international traffic publishers with the purpose of pursuing common interests of its members, improving the established system of professional driver training as well as communicating specific political statements.
  2. MOVING is the only association of traffic publishers in Europe. Do you know any others?
  3. MOVING members have an essential influence on the content and topics of MOVING: What moves the members, of course, moves the association.
  4. MOVING members receive up-to-date comprehensive information on new developments in the areas of road safety, novice driver preparation, road safety education, driver education, driver training, accompanied driving, driving instructors etc. on both national and international level.
  5. MOVING members receive up to date information from national and international associations, institutions, working groups or round tables, in which MOVING itself is member, regular participant or simply was invited to.
  6. MOVING members can use an office and a conference room in Berlin for personal meetings with up to twelve participants after a prior agreement.
  7. MOVING strengthens its members’ positions in international markets by early identifying and thoroughly analyzing new business opportunities and by developing consequential implementation and communication strategies in close cooperation with its members.
  8. MOVING members can always attend the events regularly organized by MOVING, such as conferences, seminars, etc. and will have the opportunity to exchange their knowledge and expertise with other members or participants.
  9. MOVING awards prizes and supports innovative ideas and projects in the field of road safety.
  10. MOVING seeks to make its own contribution to a safer mobility on roads. Organized in the association, each member has more chances to make driver education and new drivers preparation more effective for a safe conduct on the road.