Be Aware: Except a few single articles the bulk of articles about MOVING, or with data provided by MOVING, is written in German.

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January Fahrschule: No false promises


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December Fahrschule: Driving schools are so digital
October Fahrschule: Symposium: Facts about the driving school industry
June Welt am Sonntag: Digital lessons? Driving schools prefer to stay offline
June Fahrschule: Digital Risks
June Driving school associations: Expert opinion shows risks of digital theory teaching
February Fahrschule: Deutliche Kritik an digitaler Theorieausbildung
February ZEIT ONLINE: Driving school associations against plans for online theory lessons
January Verkehrsrundschau: Driver shortage: associations criticise digital theory training


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November Fahrschule: Modern concepts of business management
June Fahrschule: Mitigate corona effects
April  Hamburger Abendblatt: By Corona: Driving licence in Hamburg has become more expensive
  WirtschaftsWoche: How much does a driver’s license cost in Germany?
March Fahrschule: publishes the new MOVING industry report 2021 as an insert
February Fahrschule: publishes preliminary evaluation of MOVING fleet analysis for driving school cars



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December Article in the December issue of Fahrschule: “Corona: How driving schools are doing” – about the figures from the Corona surveys conducted by MOVING throughout the year.
June reports on the results of the 3rd survey on the impact of the Corona pandemic on the driving school industry.
March The Deutsche Welle reports on the impact of Corona on the driving school industry, incl. comments from our president


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December Handelsblatt reports on the automatic restriction with mention of MOVING and quote from our president
November BILD Köln und Morgenpost am Sonntag (Hamburg) report on the role of female driving instructors in response to MOVING’s press release
June Focus Online: Coverage of MOVING’s press release on the automatic control system
January Hallo Zukunft: In cooperation with the magazine for young professionals, MOVING presented an article about the possibility of further training as a driving instructor for professional drivers.