There are many good reasons for becoming a member of our association:


  1. MOVING is an association of international transport publishers newly founded to pursue common interests with the aim of bundling central interests, expanding the proven system of professional driver training and addressing concrete transport policy demands.
  2. MOVING is the only association in Europe in which transport publishers have organized themselves. Or do you know of any other?
  3. MOVING members have a decisive influence on the content that MOVING communicates: What moves the members naturally also moves the association.
  4. MOVING members are kept up to date and comprehensively informed about new developments in the areas of traffic safety, novice driver preparation, traffic education, driver training, advanced driver training, driving instructor law, etc. in Germany and worldwide.
  5. MOVING members receive up-to-date information from national and international associations, institutions, working groups or round tables in which MOVING itself is a member and permanent participant or has simply been invited to participate.
  6. MOVING members can be granted access to our Berlin office including a conference room that can be used for  meetings with up to 6 participants and meets all of today’s requirements.
  7. MOVING strengthens positions on the international market by identifying and analyzing new challenges at an early stage and developing implementation and communication strategies together with the members.
  8. MOVING members are generally welcome to participate in the events, specialist conferences, seminars, etc.  organized by MOVING, where they have the opportunity to exchange their knowledge with that of other members/participants.
  9. MOVING awards prizes and promotes innovative ideas in the field of road safety.
  10. MOVING wants to make its own contribution to making mobility safer. Together, in the association, each member has even more possibilities to make driver training more effective and to prepare novice drivers for safe participation in road traffic.


MOVING membership is divided into three groups:


Full members are companies active in the field of professional driver’s license education: professional publishers, driving school companies and others.


Associate members are companies and institutions active in traffic safety, which support the goals of the association.


Honorary members are natural persons whose professional, professional or even private commitment has contributed to the development and promotion of road safety in general and who, not only in the conviction of MOVING, deserve this special distinction.


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