Lifelong Learning

Those who obtain their driving licence category A or B today in Germany keep it for lifetime, eventhough they have to renew the document every 15 years from the 19th January 2013 onwards. But is the driving licence for life at all up-to-date? Would road safety possibly increase if each owner of a driving licence would have to go for a check-up at the doctor, refresh his/her first-aid course or his/her theoretical driving skill every 10 years?



At least it can be noted that Europe is dealing with the concept of lifelong learning – and does so for already a long time. This can be read as an example given by the European Commission:


Making a European Area of Lifelong Learning a Reality

“…all learning activity undertaken throughout life, with the aim of improving knowledge, skills and competences within a personal, civic, social and/or employment-related perspective.” [ EU COM/2001/678 ]