MOVINGs mission is by the help of the products and services of its members to significantly contribute to the reduction of global road casualties, which we have to face each year, as well as to improve road safety by

  • further professionalization of driving licence training for all driving licence categories
  • further professionalization of driving instructors training
  • support of driving education of pre-school and school age children.


MOVING constitution

§ 2 Purpose


“Purpose of the association is to promote education and accident prevention in the fields of road safety, traffic safety education and training, including the associated training and testing procedures in Europe and worldwide.


The purpose is achieved in particular through the dissemination of knowledge from science and research with the aim of further professionalisation of road safety education and training, through the initiation of exchange between organisations, corporations, associations, politics and administration, e.g. by conducting thematic conferences and through the support of activities in the fields of traffic safety, traffic safety education and training, for example, by the bestowal of awards for projects.”